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Patch the Pirate

Patch the Pirate pl...

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Reggae Ray

R is for Reggae Ray and h...

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The Letters of the Month
We will feature two letters from the alphabet each month. This months letters are:
Keesha and A and B
LetterPerfect.TV presents the letters "A" and "B"  Keesha learns about Apple A and Mr. Baseball B. 

Elephants and the Letter "E"

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Keesha's Dad tells the story of the letter "E" and elephants.  Each elephant eats elegantly every evening. The elephants love easter eggs every easter also.  Read more

Snakes Slither with "S"

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Snakes slither stealthily across the desert.  Steam rises from the ground as the snake makes it's way.  Sun rays gleam across the sonoran desert. Read more

Lamas laugh with letter "L"

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The Lamas laughed loudy while lounging around. Lamas have a wonderful sense of humor and will laugh at any little thing.  Will Keesha help them.  Find out in the upcoming episode.  Read more

Get ready for goats and "G"

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Grey Goats sit giddily on a mound of garbage.  Gnawing every bit of the gigantic mound of garbage.  Their grey coat is good for warmth. Read more

Horse loves hay and "H"

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Hank the horse hiccups hay.  In the hot afternoon Hank happily chews on a fresh batch of hay.  Unfortunately poor Hank gets the hiccups from the hay. This doesn't halt him in his happy adventure... Read more

Monkeys Make a Mess with "M"

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The monkeys were making a mess with bananas.  Many monkeys came to the jungle that day and ate a mound of bananas.Unfortunately, the monkeys made such a terrible mess.    Read more